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Marmite Sandwich

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Aug 15, 2018

I have a iMXQpro v1.2, with Android 6.0.1, as supplied. Firmware is latest. Google Play Store is version 6.7.13, also as supplied. I have confirmed this by doing a reset to factory settings. When the device boots up, a screen appears to say that the Play Store needs to update, Install or Cancel? I click Install and it attempts something then it says "App Not Installed", and it lets me click "Done". The screen goes away, but the whole process will repeat itself some time later, and if I leave the device running, the "needs to update" screen will eventually appear. Whatever else is running at the time will be overridden by this screen, which makes the device somewhat unusable. I have tried to download and install an .apk of a later version of the Play Store, but the install always fails. So now I have a brick which is constantly trying to update the Play Store. I have tried force stop, delete data, delete cache, etc. etc.

Hello Droix - what do I do now? Refund, replacement, or what?
Screen shots attached.

Android TV Boxes from DroiX