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Kodi crashes on m6 after installing builds

Discussion in 'M6' started by Abs, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Abs

    Abs New Member


    I bought the m6. I have a fresh install of kodi which opens up fine.

    After installing any areswizards (pulse ccm) and rebooting, when I open up kodi it don't open up, it just crashes with a black screen. I am unable to do anything and can't even go back to the droidbox home screen. All I can do is power off on the droidbox device.

    I am running latest version of kodi Jarvis.

    Please help as I really need kodi - pulse wizard. Thinking of returning the product back.
  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    How old is your m6? When did you buy it? I didn't know droidbox still offered that machine.
  3. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    Some wizards can cause issues in kodi. You could try this, go to setting and apps and look for kodi. Click here and then force stop and clear cache...now go back and try. If you still have the same issue go back to setting and more setting and storage and check how much you have left on your box. If this is fine then you might have to clear data in kodi. Just follow the instructions on clear cache, but clear data instead.
    You could try another wizard if this is the case.

    Good luck
  4. thepool

    thepool New Member

    Pulse build is down at min. I had awful problems,so got Spinz tv builds it's great so far.wonder would the Droidbox mini projector run ok with Spinz build???

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  5. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Would recommend you start a separate thread. Your question may get lost in this one.

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