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LibreELEC 7.0.3 on T8-S

Discussion in 'T8-S Plus' started by RRaoD, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. RRaoD

    RRaoD New Member

    I bought this box in January '17 and tried using the DBMC. It is working properly.

    When I tried to boot in to LibreELEC Kodi, it has booted properly. I have connected to the wi-fi in my home and gone through the initial basic settings.

    Later on I tried to install Amber skin but the screen has frozen. Rebooted in to LibreELEC and tried again with the same results.

    Did a factory reset and again booted in to LibreELEC. Connected to wi-fi and changed the region to my present location and the clock has changed to correct time and date for my region.

    Went into Add-ons menu under System and then the Available updates menu. Found few items like IMDB Scraper Library etc. (6 items). Tried Update all and the items started updating but each item failed after some time. Once again went into Skin installation and tried to install Amber skin. This also failed to install.

    It looks to me that the network is not properly configured and LibreELEC is not downloading anything from internet.

    I need a solution to fix this network problem. In android mode there are no network problems and everything is working perfectly.
  2. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Member

    I found this with LibraELEC. I get signal drop out. Even though I'm wired connection. Android is fine.

    I've told DroidBOX Support about this and they are looking into it.

    Is your T8-S Plus a ver 2? I think it could be a generic LibraELEC issue.

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  3. RRaoD

    RRaoD New Member

    No, mine is V1.

    When I bought T8-S on Amazon US, only V1 is available. Even now V2 is not available on Amazon US. I am upset about not getting V2 also being the latest.
  4. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Member

    It sounds like a LibraELEC issue then, rather than a model issue, as this is what I get.

    We'll have to wait for a firmware update from DroidBOX when one is available I think.

    For the time being, I suggest that you use android side until a fix is sorted.

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