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low memory problem

Discussion in 'X7 and X7 Ultimate' started by Graham, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Graham

    Graham Member

    I am new to xbmc and so far worked it out but now I get half way through an episode of any series and I get a message on bottom right saying low memory and then freeze can't even shut down xbmc properly. When I go into android settings without reboot there is 895MB free ram and over 11 GB of storage. Using droidbox x7 ultimate bought fully loaded from Amazon I think from Xbmc. Only 1 month so I think it should be up to date software wise. Can anyone help an old newbie please.
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  2. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Can you try running the Fix Me Now pack within the DroidBOX Wizard add-on?

    (Open XBMC, Videos>Add-Ons>DroidBOX Wizard>Fix Me Now> ... ... wait for it to complete installing, exit XBMC and restart it).
    This pack alters the buffer/cache setting, so I'm hoping this will solve the issue.

    Whilst we wait for the result of this tweak, can you give me an example of a video stream that creates this error (so something like XBMC>Video>Add-Ons<Example Add-On Name>Example Film Name>Example Source) so we can check it on our devices as well.
  3. Graham

    Graham Member

    Thank you for your fast response which is quicker than my typing. This happened on navi x movie which was 4 times during the movie yesterday and today using 1 channel watching half an episode of walking dead 720p with no buffering problems upto failure. I have used fix me and run all updates available in the list for video,music and any others that showed. I have nothing I would worry about looking with a full restart if that helped, not used much yet. If it helps I thought I was on gotham but the blue writing at the bottom of the summary information page says 12.4 flump compiled jan 21st 2014 could this mean I need to upgrade. Sorry for the slow typing and hope I have not bored you with info you don't need to know.
  4. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Always better (tech support at least) to have too much info, rather than not enough!

    Let's first try Resetting XBMC To A "Just Installed" State

    If that doesn't help, use the steps in this thread - How To Access Your DroidBOX's Recovery Menu - and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. You'll need to confirm you're certain, and then afterwards, once you've rebooted the device and gone through any onscreen set up menus, leave your device for twenty minutes at the launcher screen, before opening XBMC and re-running the Wizard.

    If it still isn't working after that, we need to think of a way to emulate a steady download and see where the problem is occurring. I can think of one approach, but we'll need to take it into a conversation as I don't want to publish my FTP details in public :)
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  5. Graham

    Graham Member

    're_ran fix me now and left it to install for longer and it does seem better. Watched 2 episodes of series and half way through Pacific rim before it stopped. When it stops I can't even shut it down properly. Home screen only has menu bar and short cuts but no background and I have to use remote home button to get to android home screen to shut down the box. I have a 32GB micro sd but would that only increase storage which I have 11GB of and not help ram shortage. One thing is at the bottom right of screen it says ram 26% and drive unavailable.
  6. Graham

    Graham Member

    Many thanks to silentlyscreaming for your help on this. I did a reset as you advised after running the fix me now and inserted a 32GB sd as an extra measure. Have used the x7 all night for over 4 hours and it never even buffered once let alone crashed or froze hopefully problem solved. Only thing I might do now is use 0 cashed xml in xunity tweaks for times when internet is a little slow.
    Once again thanks for the ongoing support which is why I bought this from Xbmc gadget hub through Amazon.
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