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Mame Roms On RG350

Discussion in 'Retro Gaming General Discussion' started by vkaile, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. vkaile

    vkaile New Member

    Where to copy Mame Roms on RG350 , as the two emulators on it are not able the find the Mame Roms on the External SD Card, Kindly Help
  2. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    For XMAME the files need to be on the internal storage at /media/data/local/share/xmame/roms .

    I have not tried this on the RG350 but if make an APPS folder on the external card, then copy the contents of /xmame/ to the APPS folder, it should work if you add the files there instead of internal.

    This may also work for MAME4ALL

    Please also check that you are using the correct MAME romset for the version.
  3. vkaile

    vkaile New Member

    copied one rom from the 0.37b5 romset into the above mentioned folder, it still didnt seem to find it
  4. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Highlight the XMAME icon and press SELECT, there is an option to read the manual for it. All the information on which romset it requires is on there. I just checked the folders and there should be


    and in each folder should be a rom folder. You need to copy the correct romset depending on the version of the emulator you are using, you can switch between them on the emulator menu with the R trigger. You may need to refresh the list by pressing START.
  5. vkaile

    vkaile New Member

    yes already read the manual and downloaded the mentioned romset 0.37b5, and yes copied the roms in the above mentioned roms folders of each version individually, it did not recognize / find any rom except its preloaded rom , 1 in each rom folder ........
  6. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Are you copying them to the internal storage? Did you press START after switching between versions (Right trigger)? I tried this earlier and it worked fine. I have not had a chance to see if the external card method works or not.
  7. vkaile

    vkaile New Member

    yes copied them in internal memory and yes switched via right trigger , the copied roms are not visible , only the preloaded one single rom in each version is visible
  8. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    You may have the wrong romset for the version of XMAME folder. There are three versions of XMAME, so try pressing Right Trigger then START to refresh for each version. My only other suggestions is if you are not already on the latest firmware, v1.6 at the time of writing this, you can try updating. There is a guide in the forum.
  9. islandsnow

    islandsnow New Member

    where exactly is the mame emulator (xmame or mame4all) getting its list of games from? when i look at


    and its all empty
  10. I registered on this website just to add this note:

    I was trying to add my MAME Roms to my external SD card, instead of the internal storage, for use with XMame. This worked for me:

    I copied my Mame Roms to my SD card, put the SD card into the RG350, connected the RG350 to my computer and logged into it with WinSCP (after starting the Network app on the RG350 of course).

    Then I used WinSCP to rename:

    to something else, like:

    I then used WinSCP to make a link from the roms folder on my SD card:
    /media/sdcard/<location of your 0.84 roms>​


    It worked perfectly!

    Don't forget, after you've used the L and R buttons to select xmame.SDL.84 [ALL Games xxxx] (or whatever applies to your scenario), you have to hit the Start button to refresh the ROM list cache (even though the built in manual says it's the select button, at least on my version).
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  11. fasigit

    fasigit New Member

    Hi, I download MAME ROMs and I download MAME Emulator, but now I found that there are so many different versions of MAME games: MAME 1.uo12 or MAME 1.11 for example, my question is how to find the emulator for the exact MAME ROMs. Is there a different emulator for different MAME console or with the standard MAME emulator you can play all these different types of MAME ROMs?
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  12. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    MAME uses the 0.37b5 romset. So you would need to download the versions of that romset.
  13. resplined

    resplined New Member

    Thanks for the tip. I tried this on my PocketGo 2 but kept getting errors in WinSCP. What ended up working was to SSH into the PocketGo2 and create the link that way. Like this:
    ln -s /media/sdcard/<location of your 0.84 roms> /media/data/local/share/xmame/xmame84/roms
  14. JusR23

    JusR23 New Member

    This has just helped me massively I can now pop the sdcard out and set up my ROMs. Thank you :)
  15. Tim Woodward

    Tim Woodward New Member

    Hi can you please explain how you did this? I’ve done all the steps detailed in the post above but I just don’t understand about linking the ROM folder.
  16. Interim Lovers

    Interim Lovers New Member

    I've just started playing MAME ROMs on my RG350. Mainly, I'm playing Ghosts & Goblins and Gauntlet and they work great - especially on MAME4All. I'd love to play R-Type but none of the ROMS I've found seem to work. If I try to load them in XMAME or MAME4All it says there are file missing. In FBA, the ROMs basically work but the frame rate is terrible. Can anyone give me tips on how to trouble-shoot this?
  17. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    This could be any number of things really.
    - It could be you're using a clone ROM instead of the original
    - It might be a ROM compiled for FBA instead of MAME


    Have you tried redownloading the R-TYPE rom from elsewhere?
  18. Interim Lovers

    Interim Lovers New Member

    Turns out there's a pixel-perfect conversion for the PS1, so I'm playing that.
  19. BenDroiX

    BenDroiX Administrator Staff Member

    Good to hear you found a workaround in any case :)

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