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Jun 13, 2018
Hi all,

I accidentally got my projector to stop booting into Android through a bad config change, trying things to get the NetFlix app working.

I can still load up the android recovery, so the only method I can see to save the projector is by flashing the firmware through an SD card.

Does anybody have a link to the Android 6 (Marshmellow) firmware for the Go V3.1 projector?



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Aug 7, 2014
Use the 'contact us' at the bottom right of the forums page to get in touch with droidbox and give in your order id with your message. Only dbx can help you if a factory reset/ restore hasn't worked for you.

Noman Naseer

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Oct 2, 2019
i have exquizon E05 projector its dlp mini projector with rockchip processor rk3128 rk30 board. i need its firmware? please anyone have it share with me plz email me at , whatsapp / wechat: +923332145659

i have tested other model firmware Toumei C800 its working loading android 4.4 but after android started its shutdown the projector for low power shutdown coz its showing 0% battery and even i connected charger its still showing battery 0% its not detecting charging or battery levels. charger firmware file is different i guess on my projector original rom charger no. bq25895 do anyone know how to change that charger driver in android 4.4
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