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PocketGo v2 CFW v1.02019-12-10 BASE Firmware

Discussion in 'BittBoy, PocketGo & PocketGo v2 Handhelds' started by Dave C, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    You can find out more information and buy your PocketGO v2 from https://droix.net/collections/retro-gaming-handhelds/products/pocketgo-v2

    This firmware is for the new PocketGO v2, NOT the original model! Download from here. DroiX do not provide official support for Custom Firmware so please use at your own risk.

    The original manufacturers firmware (with NO roms) can be found here.


    There is a more detailed guide on the firmware page above.

    1 - Remove the sd card in the left slot & make sure you completely wipe it inc all the partitions
    2 - Flash using your fav app system32 or etcher
    3 - Then finally extend the ext4 partition with diskgenius and your be good to go.

    Fix clock hour reset when poweroff the console.
    Gmenu2x now can show two type of previews (put in /(romsdir)/.previews/).
    ajust the joystick (again).
    Updated the file system, partition and expansion scripts again.
    Gmenu2x analog stick control is removed
    Adjusted the battery.
    Update of the Stock Clock application with a new redesign. thanks to Rafa Vico (https://github.com/RafaVico)
    Text editor, corrected opk buttons. thanks to Rafa Vico (https://github.com/RafaVico)
    Added the hardware tester POCKETGO 2. thanks to Rafa Vico (https://github.com/RafaVico)

    *apps= applications copy to /media/data/apps
    *emulators= tested emulators copy to /media/data/apps
    *games= games that require no additional data copy to /media/data/apps
    *ports= ports that require additional data in folders copy to /media/data/apps

    required data files and locations for ports see below (note locations local or .local)

    *bermudasyndrome.opk copy data to (local/home/.bermudasyndrome)
    *cannonball.opk copy files to (local/home/.cannonball/roms)
    *devilutionx-rg350.opk copy diabdat.mpq to (.local/share/diasurgical/devilution/diabdat.mpq)
    *ecwolf.opk copy data file to (local/home/.ecwolf)
    *eduke32.opk copy duke3d.grp to local/home/.eduke32
    *hexen2.opk copy data1 to (local/home/.hexen2/data1)
    *Quake-1.0-GCWZero-gles1.opk copy id1 to (.local/home/data/Quake/id1)
    *REminiscence.opk copy data to (local/home/.REminiscence/data)
    *shadow-warior.opk copy sw.grp to (local/home/.jfsw)
    *Quake 3 Arena.opk pak files for Quake3 live under /usr/local/home/.q3a/baseq3/
    *SDL Quake 2.opk IF YOU HAVE PLAYED QUAKE2 BEFORE YOU NEED TO DELETE .quake2/baseq2/config.cfg To add the full version Quake2-1.1-GCWZero-gles1.opk copy baseq2 to (.local/home/data/Quake2/baseq2) MUST BE LOWER CASE
  2. Billye32

    Billye32 New Member

    I accidentally deleted the original firmware do you know where and how I could get it back?
  3. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

  4. iRob

    iRob New Member

    Hello! Links (for both V2 firmware versions) go to 404 pages. Can you re-post please?
  5. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    I have updated the link to the GitHub page for the latest version.
  6. NexD2

    NexD2 New Member

    can you please make a tutorial on how to install the new CFW? I am very confused about this and afraid. thanks!
  7. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    We will make a tutorial for it once we start shipping the next batch early/mid next week.
  8. NexD2

    NexD2 New Member


    Let's wait.
  9. VInz

    VInz New Member

    Hi everybody. I'm totally new to Handhelds.
    I've tried to install new CFW to a new SD card, followed instructions step by ste, but the only folder I see is this one:
    There's no roms folder, anything of what I've read. Any suggestion how to get this thing working?
    Thanks in advance
  10. Matt Thelwell

    Matt Thelwell New Member

    Hi, the link to the Pocket go V2 firmware is not working, please can you link again?
  11. Michael Muller

    Michael Muller New Member

    I already installed the above mentioned "PocketGo2 Rogue CFW 1.0.2" at my device.
    Beware, that all the preinstalled apps, games, etc. are not included - so it's important to install that to a new/other SD card and keep the original one at a safe place!

    I extracted the apps and games from the original image and put them on my second SD card to use them by the CFW.
    But most of them do not run anymore (e.g. Arkanoid) - at least not directly (most of them are not visible in the sections - e.g. I assumed to see Arkanoid in the games section...).
    When I start the alternative GUI "esoteric" and there use the "OPK launcher" to execute them, they start (Arkanoid works, vice can at least be started, ...)
    Very strange?!

    P.S.: the above link to the original PocketGo2 firmware still leads to 404 error...
  12. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    I have removed the original v2 firmware link from the first post. Thanks.
  13. Matt Thelwell

    Matt Thelwell New Member

    Hi Dave, do you have a copy of the original, as that one contained the roms, etc?
  14. Michael Muller

    Michael Muller New Member

    The image contains two partitions - one has FAT32 filesystem, the other ext4.
    The FAT32 partition is used to boot the device, at the other partition is all "stuff" ;-)
    To access this from your PC you have several possibilities: when directly using the SD card you need to have either a LINUX box where you can mount that partition or a special program which can read / explore or mount it in Windows.
    You can also try to connect your PG2 with USB to your computer and use that as network card (RNDIS) - unfortunately this is not as easy as it should be.
    At least here it does not install the correct (RNDIS) driver for that - instead it creates a virtual COM port (which is IMHO unusable).
    But I managed to do it by faking a .inf file and make a driver "update" with that - after that you have a new network connection for your device which you then can access with e.g. ftp or ssh/sftp and transfer files to and from it (open a new thread if you need more information)

    Or you keep it as is and add a second SD card (formatted with FAT32 or ExFAT) to your device to which you can easily add your own apps and roms etc.
  15. Michael Muller

    Michael Muller New Member

  16. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

  17. pknorr

    pknorr New Member

    I just installed Rogue 1.0.4, but I can't manage to make the .opk emulators I saved from the official firmware to work with the Rogue FW. Any idea why?

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