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Dave C

Staff member
Sep 1, 2015
We unbox and demo the soon to be released retro gaming handheld, the RG350M. The RG350M retro games console is an upgraded 2020 version of the best selling RG350 released in 2019. With it comes a metal alloy case, higher resolution 640x480 IPS display, low profile dual analogue sticks and dual external Micro SD Card slots.

Learn more and pre-order your RG350M at We are expecting the first batch to arrive around mid May.

New Member
Jul 28, 2020
Having not long purchased the original RG350, I was scaptical of the M at first. A small discount code later though and I purchased one, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

The screen is a significant upgrade. If you're using it purely as an emulation device then you'll only really notice it on some title screens on some PS1 games, but if you're also running ports and homebrew then you'll notice it there too.

But for me the biggest factor is just how premium it feels in that absolutely solid aluminium case. Holding this in one hand and the original RG350 in the other, it's the difference between a cheap Acer laptop and a Macbook Pro. It feels solid and premium, whereas the older machine feels like the Chinese handheld that it is.

I'm now selling my original unit and keeping the M. I'm very happy with it and glad I took the punt.
Buy the latest Retro Gaming Consoles from DroiX