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Jun 19, 2019
Hi there! The Retroid Pocket 2 comes with a handy alternative operating system called the "Retroid OS". It's a customized version of Android that was developed by Retroid, and is intended to streamline the experience of emulation.

You'll need the SD card in the unit to contain certain files however before you're able to use the OS. If you are planning to use another SD card (such as a larger one), it is highly recommended you load it up with the stock files beforehand in order to not lose access to this utility.

You can download the stock SD card files here:

To "install them", simply format your microSD card as exFAT first of all. Then copy all the files from the zip over to the card.

You can also purchase a Retroid Pocket 2 of your own from us here:
Buy the latest Retro Gaming Consoles from DroiX