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T8S Plus Q's

Discussion in 'T8-S Plus v1' started by Minkbomb, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Minkbomb

    Minkbomb Member

    I'm considering the T8S Plus as an upgrade to my T8S so can I ask what the life expectancy of the T8S Plus will be ?
    How long will it receive updates for ?
    Are there any "new " models in the pipeline worth waiting for ?
    I have the T8S at the moment but all updates seem to have stopped for this model and I don't want to upgrade to a T8S Plus just to find it will stop being supported soon as well as they have been out for a while now as well haven't they.
    I really am tempted by the T8S Plus for OS 5.1.1 and the benefits that gives over 4.4.2 currently on the T8S.

  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hi Minkbomb.

    I think I have mentioned before that OS level android firmware updates are in the hands of the chip manufacturers (in this case amlogic) not box suppliers. This is consistent across the whole field of android boxes including the many using amlogic chips.

    The t8s plus runs the amlogic s812 chip. If amlogic release, for example, a working android marshmallow for s812 chips AND it is found to be stable and works consistently on Droidboxes then I am certain a firmware update for Droidboxes will be made available. The same applies to all other box suppliers running the same chip. That is the process. If it proves to not work then it would be a pointless and futile exercise foisting non working updates to users.

    Without a formal release from chip manufacturer and proof that it works, I would ask you how can any reputable box supplier guarantee that a box will be supported in the long term? How can anyone reasonably answer a question like "how long will it receive updates for?". Indeed, in this world of rapidly changing technology, how long is the "long term".
    Phones and tablet bought 3-4 years ago, rarely receive firmware level updates today. Do they still work - yes they do. As does my "old" Droidbox t8.

    In your previous posts you bemoan the fact that Droidbox have not issued a working android lollipop update for boxes using the s802 processor (like the t8 and the t8s). I have pointed out that this is consistent right across the industry. No supplier has offered a working production box with this software (you are welcome to Google this - search criteria "amlogic s802 android lollipop update". You will see reference to a beta version but no proof on any of the forums that anyone has got it to work on this processor). Clearly lollipop has been proven by the industry not to work on boxes using this processor.

    Finally you say that updates seem to have stopped for the t8s. You will be aware from the forum that a Librelec update providing Kodi 16 for the t8s is currently being tested by the community which will be released if testing proves successful.

    Hopefully Droidbox can provide more information on what new boxes are in the pipeline. I see that a few android marshmallow boxes are beginning to appear across the industry (based on s9xx chips). Droidbox currently offer the budget IMxqpro 2. No doubt they Have plans to offer more powerful boxes but only they can answer that.
  3. Minkbomb

    Minkbomb Member

    I only bemoan the lollipop update for the T8S because they have told us for nearly a year "Its Coming " and "soon" etc .
    As I also said in the same post I would have been more than happy to update to the T8S Plus if they just came out and said we tried but it wont work with the T8S .
    If its been proven not to work on these boxes as you point out why haven't Droidbox said so instead of the usual "soon" etc ?
    That's what's annoyed me .... if its not going to work as you have just been able to tell me why didn't they say its not going to work and I'd have bought a T8S Plus months ago instead of keeping us in the dark.
    Id prefer to stay with the Droidbox name ... I really do like my T8S but its probly not going to work with Kodi 17 and doesn't work fully with the VPN software they support and actively promote.... you cant get into the settings to turn on auto start etc.... another reason why I want a box with 5.1.1 or above as the VPN is important to me ( I do have an IP Vanish subscription ).
    I'm not fussy about Openelec or Librelec as to be honest I don't think I'd ever use it. I have it on the T8S and never bothered with it. I did try to flash it to my box but it failed , don't know why.
    I have actually just tried a different box with 6.0.1 on it but to be honest I didn't like it .... maybe its because it wasn't what I was used to , hence why I'd like another Droidbox.
    Just trying to make sure I'm not in the same place in 6 months time lol ;-)
  4. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    I acknowledged in your previous posts that Droidbox could have been more transparent is disclosing testing progress. But as I have also said, there is a lot of life left in these older boxes yet. Do I worry that my old t8 will not be able to run Kodi 17? Answer: not at all. It does everything I want. And I suspect that will be the case for many years yet.
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  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    T8 Mini is a newer device than the T8-S Plus, so in your case @Minkbomb I'd recommend that one or the iMXQpro V2 over the slightly older T8-S Plus.

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