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Feb 27, 2019
Hi everyone...I have owned a T95z plus for over a year. I have had very very little trouble with it. Its the best performing box ive ever owned...and I have tested alot!!

There is one thing I cant figure out. If you unplug to reboot the t95z after reboot you get the android bar on the bottom of your screen. As you go through apps, and use them..the bar will auto hide most times. However..if you ever activate the down arrow..hiding it manually.. it does hide it and you get a brief notification that says to bring back the bar just slide from the bottom.

The slide from the bottom doesnt work! I know how the slide works from other devices..but it doesnt work on the t95z?

Is there a setting im missing?..or is this just the nature of this beast?
The top slide down always problems there.
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Android TV Boxes from DroiX