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T95z plus firmware update

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ray5455, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Ray5455

    Ray5455 New Member

    I have a T95Z plus 6.0.1 with build T5ZP0070 and my google play store keeps crashing after 30 seconds. I tried a factory restore and still did not work. Is there a way to update firmware to 7.1 and how? Tried doing an OTA update but says I am up to date ?
  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hello Ray.
    I think your best bet is to contact the box supplier for help. I doubt very much that updating your android version will fix the problem. I have seen one other t95z user on here with a play store problem so there may be a firmware fix out there. The box supplier should know, if reputable.
    Note you are on the Droidbox user forum and they dont supply that machine. I notice the similarly named http://www.droidtvboxes.com supply that box so maybe contact them?
  3. OMC

    OMC New Member

    The Play Store does not update on this unit. The fix is failrly simple. Download the latest Play Store APK (Google it), install and the problem is solved.
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  4. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Administrator Staff Member


    Please contact official seller of the box as they may have the best solution available for the box model that they provide.You can try with google play store apk file as suggested but i would highly advice for direct contacts as they may have more recent firmware releases with bug fixes or at least the safe one which you could rollback to.


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