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Unable to connect online

Discussion in 'X7 and X7 Ultimate' started by Ben Patrick, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Ben Patrick

    Ben Patrick New Member

    I have had my X7 box for about 15 months. Today it for some reason ithe won't open any apps in kodi. It appears to be struggling to connect to our WiFi and won't connect even through the ethernet cable. I've never had this problem before. Can anybody help?
  2. Qaisir

    Qaisir Active Member

    Hello Ben,

    While connecting your Box to your router via WIFI make sure that WIFI is Tick checked under Networks and if you are connecting your Box to your Router via Ethernet Cable then make sure Ethernet is Tick checked, both should not be Tick checked at the same time.
    Regarding Kodi issue you can check the Storage of your device, if it is full then you will need to clear data and reinstall Wizard on Kodi.
    Also check the version of Kodi installed on your device.
  3. St8

    St8 New Member

    Hi i have had my X7 since October 2014,cant complain great little box.Till I decided to update Marche's F/W.You guys could have notified the community that f/w needs windows 7/8 to work.A lot of us have moved on to windows 10 [also tried my wife's L/top windows vista].So won't go into the effort about that.On going on a friend's L/top HURRAY F/ware installed I did as was said waited 20 mins to 30 mins.Fantastic new screen went to connect to internet WIFI 1st,no joy ETHERNET again no joy.Now the box is useless.Thankfully I have another 2 boxes 1 an M8 THE OTHER A MINIX U1.I would have liked to maintained the X7 as if it works why throw it away.So what do U guys recommend in order to fix the issue many thanks
  4. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like the wrong firmware may have been flashed, there were a few different versions of the X7 over the years, with slightly different silicon inside.

    I'd try flashing a different fw to the X7. Have a check on the bottom of your device for any references to the type of X7 it is,

    AC8350 , B351B and B351C, EKB311B and X7 with Q7 label, B351BT

    are the ones I know of, that we've stocked in the past. Over on freaktab.com there are quite a few people who spend a long time with these devices; if there isn't an external clue on your X7, you could take a photo (clear, well lit) of the circuit board inside to aid identification.
  5. St8

    St8 New Member

    Hi Silently haven't been on the forum for quite a while.Thanks for your response,Yeah its the EKB311 model which was bought fron droidbox OCT 2014 you hadn't joined them then.So that's the F/W i used .Only difference on my box is i don't have the letter B after the 311 but surely that shouldn't be an issue? should it.Please let me know what you think Thank you
  6. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    I've been working for DroidBOX since the start of 2014, though I was around in the old forum from around October/November the year before, when I was a customer looking to learn more before Christmas Day opening :)
    Shoot us an e-mail with your order details and we'll see if there is a reference to the non-B version of the EKB311 . Unfortunately just one letter difference in a model type can mean (partial) incompatibilities when it comes to firmware, so we'll check what can be done.

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