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V2 T8-S Plus

Discussion in 'T8-S Plus v2' started by Eddyad, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Eddyad

    Eddyad Member

    I am thinking of buying a T8s-Plus v2, due the to the upgrade to 2.0 GHz Quad Core Cortex A53 Amlogic S905
    Operating System: Android 6 Marshmallow, with 4K 60hz, but I am concerned that it requires an 8 digit code before you can use it. To get the code you need to contact DroidBox. OK, but what if Droidbox closed and you need a factory reset and you have lost the code, the box would be useless.
  2. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Active Member

    You only need the code once. After a factory reset it boots straight into android with no problems.

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  3. sblabs

    sblabs Active Member

    what i dont get is, why dont DBX supply the 8 digit code with the box when you buy it.
  4. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    The DroidBOX Share app is asking for the code. If you close the request, everything works as normal, except for DroidBOX Share (assuming you use the client app on your Android/iOS device). The app's coders have built in an authentication check that we can't control, but can get the codes for. The box isn't useless without DroidBOX Share, if push came to shove you could achieve the remote control side of things on your phone/tablet still within Kodi/DBMC using Kore/Yatse.
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  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    (moved to T8-S Plus v2 area)

    Unified Remote also worth a look, https://www.unifiedremote.com/download .
    Will need to check which other remote apps outside of Kodi/DBMC/etc work well on the v2.
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