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V9 Manual

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by ChrisM, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member


    This is for one of our oldest models, the DroidBOX V9 an Android dongle. I've had to remove the area dedicated to is, so this section of the forum is the new home for this manual.

    Important info you need to know:

    DroidBOX V9 rk3188

    Blank screen or mode not supported

    Should you plug the device in and you do not get an image on the HDMI option on your TV or you get a message i.e. ‘mode not supported’, then you will need to change the settings on the device to make this work on your TV.

    If you have a quad core box connect the SCART cable and disconnect the HDMI cable and reboot.

    If you have an mk808b or an mk908 then you will need to find another TV to plug your device into as you do not have the option for using a SCART lead.

    Now that you have the device on the screen you need to go to /settings/ screen / HDMI mode.

    From here you can pick a HDMI output/select an HDMI output / select keep settings. You will now need to reboot the device. Reconnect the HDMI cable or take it back to the original TV.

    Basic V9 setup

    When the device first sets up you will have to setup your internet connection

    Click through the all apps and select settings. Locate your Wi-Fi and then click connect after you have setup the Wi-Fi please scroll down the list and sets the time and date and location for your device.

    *XBMC will not update without it set*

    Important: you have to update XBMC on first run. Go to video -> add-ons -> DroidBOX wizard -> select add-ons pack for DroidBOX X7, Q7 and V9. This will install the latest set of add-ons into your device. Once it displays a Completed message, remove the power lead from your V9, wait a moment and reinsert it. Restart XBMC and wait 10 minutes before clicking on anything.

    1/ Backup and Restore

    Please do not restore your device for any reason. We do not cover software issues caused by performing a factory reset.

    2/ You can close an app down if it is misbehaving. You need to click the two boxes that overlap each other on the bottom row - this will bring up all your open apps. Keep your finger on OK or left click over the app you want to close and select remove from list. Now when you go back into it will restart.

    3/ you can remove xxx add-ons by going into XBMC / Systems Settings/ Add-Ons / enabled add-ons / video add-ons /
    click on the add-on you want to remove and uninstall it. Remember every time you use the wizard add-on pack it will download all add-ons.
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