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Vice.opk help ...

Discussion in 'RG-350 Retro Games Handheld' started by synchro, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. synchro

    synchro New Member

    Can anyone tell me how to set the game path for Vice.opk ( c64 ) on the RG350 ?
    Usually you would highlight the emu icon and press " select " than make the edits ..
    Am I missing something or is it just a first release with work still to do as its not possible in this version ? any help appreciated ..
  2. Pete Biddlecombe

    Pete Biddlecombe New Member

    hi synchro.

    i don't think there's currently a way to select rom path from the RG350 'desktop'. I just load up Vice, select the .d64 file from there....
  3. synchro

    synchro New Member

    Hi Pete
    Thanks for the answer indeed I can attach a file but then there is no browse so I would have to type the whole path and game name every time and that's really guessing it would work.
  4. Pete Biddlecombe

    Pete Biddlecombe New Member

  5. synchro

    synchro New Member

    Yep with the PC /Mac version as soon as you select autostart image you get to browse to your rom folder.
    If it had that option it would be good but a mini keyboard pops up instead .. I guess they just relied on the edit function which they have on the RS-97, RG300 etc versions which work great that way.
    Perhaps in the next update :)
    As a matter of interest is there anywhere we can report things like this or request fixes ?
  6. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    You can submit feedback in the appropriate channel on Discord, use https://discord.gg/p4uRmCd to join and follow the instructions there.
  7. synchro

    synchro New Member

    Fantastic thanks Dave C
    I use Discord a lot and am even a Moderator in the GameGuru Discord ..
    This will be great for getting help and giving it :)

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