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W10 and Showbox

Discussion in 'W10 (Dualboot Windows & Android)' started by NikoB, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. NikoB

    NikoB Member

    Has anyone tried running Showbox on Android side of the W10? Doesn't work properly for me.. Either exits to home screen when selecting a film or can't find servers. Its the latest version of showbox installed.. Cleared data etc. Can't see a reason why it shouldn't run. Also, can you use external storage on Android side? Thank for replies.
  2. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    I found this out on some android devices it doesn't work. It's like moviehd, another good app, it needs to be verified that your device can receive the ads. If it thinks you are blocking them , then it won't work.
    Now on YouTube there's loads of videos showing you how to fix it, but I found they don't work. Did you install showbox from droidboxs market...
  3. NikoB

    NikoB Member

    I have a feeling that you've hit the nail on the head with this one mate.. I do recall it asking me for one of those automated captcha things which it wouldn't accept.. Droidbox market Is not available on the W10. Looks like I'm buggered. Thanks anyhow..
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  4. angela

    angela Well-Known Member

    Hi You can take alook at this to see if you can put Droidbox Market on your box.


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