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Jun 19, 2019
The RG350 is a popular retro gaming handheld that spurred a number of successors throughout it's lifespan.
The one thing to note that, in performance, all of these devices are the same. They all use the JZ4770 CPU, and have the same 512MB of RAM.

So to begin with, we have the RG350.

The base device. Where it all started. The Rg350 is a retro gaming handheld powered by the JZ4770 CPU that runs (stock) using a fork of OpenDingux. Its claim to fame is being able to comfortably handle PS1 emulation (as well as numerous other retro platforms) at an economical price point and solid build quality.

It features a standard, yet comprehensive set of controls (triggers and bumpers, clickable dual-analog sticks, etc.). It also features the ability to output via HDMI, however this functionality is fairly flaky and may not play nice with all TV's/monitors.

It can be considered a major turning point in the retro gaming handheld scene, with an affordable price, respectable performance, and high build quality. A paradigm shift away from the "500-in-1"

Nowadays this model is pretty much obsolete. If you don't like some of the changes in later models however, or are looking for the cheapest entry point, it could still be a good pick for you.

Next, we have the RG350M.

The RG350M was the successor to the RG350. It features a number of changes over the original RG350:
  • The shell is made of aluminium instead of plastic. Making it slightly heavier, and giving it a sturdier feel.
  • The general layout of the device has been revamped
    • The analogue sticks are now low-profile, and are symmetrical in placement on the bottom half of the device.
    • The volume and power buttons have been moved to the sides of the unit
    • The "internal" SD card can now be accessed via an external slot, eliminating the need to open the unit or SSH into the system to modify its contents.
  • The screen is a higher resolution, at 640 x 480 (previously 350 x 240)
  • There are rubber grips on the rear of the device to make it easier to hold.
It can be considered the premium version of the RG350, in essence.

After that, came the RG350P.

The RG350P was a more price-conscious alternative to the RG350M, featuring most of the improvements it brought to the table.
The main differences are that it did not have a metal shell, and the resolution of the screen was the same as the original RG350 (240p). Making it a valid cheaper alternative for those who did not want or care for those improvements.

Following on shortly after, we have the RG280M.

Personally, we did not decide to stock the RG280M.
There is not a lot to say about this model. It is a smaller version of the RG350M with a singular analog stick and no HDMI output.
Being smaller, the screen was only 2.8 inches instead of the regular 3.5. The resolution remained the same as its contemporary at 480p however.

Rounding off the generation, we have the RG280V.

The RG280V is a variant of the RG350 that features an entirely different layout, being horizontal and more comparable to handhelds like the original Bittboy models, or the LDK handhelds.
The RG280V features the same screen as the RG280M (2.8 inch, 480p). However, it does not feature any analogue sticks whatsoever.
The build of the unit itself is plastic, but it does feature a metal faceplate. Being the first RG handheld to incorporate a mixture of the two in the design.
It is considerably more portable than its predecessors, being only about half the length.

Thank you for reading this far. We hope that this guide has been informative! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment, and we'll do our best to answer them.

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May 6, 2021
Hi - do you know if images for the RG350P/M will work on the RG280V? Or do they have to be tweaked i.e. screen resolution, or do you need to start with a stock RG280V image?


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Jun 19, 2019
Hi - do you know if images for the RG350P/M will work on the RG280V? Or do they have to be tweaked i.e. screen resolution, or do you need to start with a stock RG280V image?
The RG350P firmware probably wouldn't work since the RG350P has a different resolution. I -think- the RG350M firmware would work on the RG280V though, since they're both 480p (it's not something I've been able to try yet though :) )
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