One Netbook ONEXPLAYER 1S Gaming Handheld
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Jun 19, 2019

The OneXPlayer is a windows gaming handheld released by One Netbook, and is intended to be a competitor for the GPD WIN 3 and the AYA NEO, which were devices released at a similar time.

Compared to the competition, the main draw of the OneXPlayer is its large display. Which provides great, high-quality visuals in a variety of applications.

The OneXPlayer comes in three configurations. It initially launched with an 11th generation Intel processor, but received an AMD Ryzen 4000 and 5000 series' variant at a slightly later date.

To learn about them, we encourage you to check out our reviews.
OneXPlayer 1S Review (Intel ver.)
OneXPlayer AMD Review (AMD ver.)

You can buy a OneXPlayer from the following stores:
OneXPlayer (Intel - UK)
OneXPlayer (Intel - International)

OneXPlayer (AMD - UK)
OneXPlayer (AMD - International)
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