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X7 scrolling and subtitles

Discussion in 'X7 and X7 Ultimate' started by Stenen, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Stenen

    Stenen New Member

    I am using X7 to watch Swedish TV, on most channels it works fine but one channel I can not scroll down to see all available programs.
    Also I would like to see the subtext. Many of our TV programs have subtext helping people with hearing problems but I can not figure how to access it with the X7.
    Maybe some odd qustions but hopefully some of you have knowledge.
  2. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Moderator


    Subtext(subtitle) is installed additionally and it can depend on the add on that you are using.You can click on install from repository and locate subtext option under subtitle menu.

    You can also later on through the system settings set up weather you would like subtitle automatically or you can download manually where the selected stream start.I would highly advise second option as you can select the source rather than having it downloaded automatically which can sometimes be a bad option.

    Regards and have a nice day ;)
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  3. Stenen

    Stenen New Member

    Hi 8bitDev,
    Thank you very much for advices. Will look into your suggestions and go ahead and try.
    Regards and have a Happy Eastern!
  4. Watki-karll

    Watki-karll New Member

    Can anyone out there help me with my x7 box I've got kodi and other apps but can't get them to work
  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    @Watki-karll Can you let us know:

    The X7 came from DroidBOX? Can you let us know what it shows on the bottom of the X7, as there are a few revisions.

    Kodi - which version is installed? (Click the SYSTEM INFO entry under the SYSTEM menu when you open Kodi up)

    Which add-ons have you installed in Kodi?

    What happens when you try to use the add-ons or applications? Any error messages?

    If you open the Browser or Chrome app on your X7, are you able to visit this forum and https://wiz.wookiespmc.com without a message from your ISP?
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