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X7 ultimate no signal

Discussion in 'X7 and X7 Ultimate' started by GWPJONES, Jan 21, 2017.


    GWPJONES New Member

    Hi, my x7 box has suddenly stopped working. I can turn it on and off by the button on the box and the light changes from red to blue as espected. The problem is my tv is not picking up a signal from the box. Iv tried 2 other TVs and tried a brand new cable, still nothing. Any ideas? Or is the box dead?
  2. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Moderator


    Can you please try to plug/unplug the hdmi to your box when it is both OFF/ON and for connection test plug the end(hdmi) from the box side of things rather than from the TV.
    You can also try monitor and see if it performs the same.


    GWPJONES New Member

    Thank so for the reply. I've tried connecting the hdmi to the box while it's been both on and off. My tv recognises that a device is connected and will let me select the hdmi port being used but then a message comes up saying "no signal" Unfortunately I don't have a monitor to test on.
  4. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Moderator

    Can you please try to change the resolution on your TV set to 720p and see if it does make the difference.


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