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Mar 2, 2022
Ok so I got this x96 mini. I'm having issues. 1. I can't turn off the box when I hold power button down I get nothing. It just restarts the box.. 2. I try ed to put a 1tb sd card in it for internal memory when I went to format it for internal memory it froze. But when formatted it for sd for files saving it worked but the I use it for downloading stuff and tranfering stuff from my phone via xplor. Files where not playing. Then when the box restarted everything was gone. This has happened 5times. I'm running android 9 on it.the box runs slow freezes all the time and I just want to sling it out the window. Please help. Also what a good launch theme for this box as the one that it comes with is rubbish


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Jun 19, 2019
1. Are you sure you have the X96 Mini? The X96 Mini we've always sold doesn't have a power button on the device.
Regardless, for many android boxes, there should be an option in the settings to set the "power key definition" or something of that nature. I don't have one at hand so I can't provide precise guidance at this point, but it shouldn't be too difficult to poke around.
Note that Android boxes often have two types of settings menus; there's the generic Android one that you'd see on all mobile devices, and then there's the box-specific one that usually appears in a menu that slides out from the side. Usually both are mapped in the list of apps for the device.

2. I would chalk this down to the box itself being iffy. If the card works fine when formatted as an external card, then there's a good chance the problem isn't with the card. BUT. Try a smaller microSD card first (somewhere in the realm of 8-128GB) and see what happens. Many cheaper devices can behave strangely with larger microSD cards (you see this sometimes with some retro gaming handhelds).

Regarding the box being slow - the X96 Mini is a budget model through-and-through. Good for understanding how Android boxes work, or as a pinch-hitter gift for a relative, but I wouldn't use one as my personal device (in the same way that wouldn't buy a £30 mobile phone to use as my daily driver). You might find a more mid-range model like the DroiX X3 to provide a better experience.
Android TV Boxes from DroiX