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Buzzing sound New PocketGo 2

Discussion in 'BittBoy, PocketGo & PocketGo v2 Handhelds' started by Magas-ZD, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. Magas-ZD

    Magas-ZD New Member


    Just got my device and there is a buzzing high pitched sound coming from the speaker.

    I did some research and I see this is common with these Bittboy and PocketBoy devices.

    I cam across a couple suggestions on a possible fix, but they didn't work for me. ex. Increasing brightness of the screen because the actually issue is the back-light frequency inside the device. Another thing that was suggested was to increase the PWM frequency, that didn't work.

    I have the latest rogue firmware for the device. Not sure what else to do. Are you guys experiencing this? Have you guys just learned to live with the buzz?

  2. Magas-ZD

    Magas-ZD New Member

    The buzz actually goes down as soon as i plug it in for charging. Then when unplugged it buzzes again...
  3. VikramDroix

    VikramDroix Administrator Staff Member

    A very faint noise is common and just to confirm it's the boot up sound on device ?
  4. Magas-ZD

    Magas-ZD New Member

    You mean only on boot up? No, its constant...as well as during boot up.

    If im playing outside someplace, its fine because of background noise, you can't really hear it. But if im at home, it can be heard, and its annoying. If i turn up the volume while playing its fine, but as soon as the game sound goes down during the game or if i decrease the volume, it becomes noticeable.
  5. VikramDroix

    VikramDroix Administrator Staff Member

    This does not sound like its some firmware thing as default, I would suggest to send us an email at support@droix.net with your Order id and issue in detail, so we can expend the Level of support here.
  6. Magas-ZD

    Magas-ZD New Member

    I see. Well after some research i found many people have had issues with buzzing on the New PocketGo. I returned it for a refund and got myself an Rg350. No buzzing at all. I love it.

    Thanks for the prompt replies and trying to help out!

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