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hdmi not working

Discussion in 'T8-S (SATA Connection & Dualboot Android/OpenELEC)' started by hellraiser, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. hellraiser

    hellraiser New Member

    Had my t8s for a good few months not but never really used it as the hdmi doesn't work so had to return to using my pc.
  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    A few things I would try before giving up.
    - a different HDMI lead
    - a different HDMI socket on the tv
    - a different tv

    Good luck.
  3. hellraiser

    hellraiser New Member

    Hi Nigelar thanks for the quick reply and especially so early in the morning. Unfortunately I have tried all these thing over and over I have also used the live chat support in the past and was told to try all the resolutions manually but still had no joy so had to use the rgb ports on the back instead and this was from day one. So with the picture quality not been as good as it should be plus the hard drive issue with the lead I just lost Hart in it.
  4. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    Please message us directly on support@droidbox.co.uk to sort the problem out.Thanks

    Regards and have a nice day ;)
  5. hellraiser

    hellraiser New Member

    Hi this unfortunately is an issue you can not resolve for me as you request my order number and so On and I can not find the information you need. But I have used the mobile app and I can see the screen On my phone that should be displayed on the screen. At this point I can then manually go through all the different settings from 1080 all the way down and the display does not come on the tv. I hope you are able to follow this. I have gone through this procedure On 4 tv's and used 5 or 6 different hdmi leads.
  6. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    @hellraiser Sorry for the delay.
    If you purchased it from us, we'll be able to track down the order. VIA EMAIL - DON'T POST IT HERE IN PUBLIC PLEASE
    If it was a direct sale from our website, the email address you used and the postcode of the delivery address (if not a UK address then the full address please).
    If Amazon, the long order number or postcode of the delivery address (if not a UK address then the full address please).
    If eBay, the long order number, or the email address associated with your eBay account, or postcode of the delivery address (if not a UK address then the full address please).

    If the device is second hand, we'll need the details above but the original purchasers, not yours. Otherwise we have no way of telling when the warranty runs out. If we can track it down and the warranty is in place still, you'll not have a problem.
  7. hellraiser

    hellraiser New Member

    Hi thanks for the reply I will have a look tonight and try find an order number. I purchased the box through Amazon so I may be able to log in and look at my purchase history.
  8. hellraiser

    hellraiser New Member

    Hi just to let you know I have found my order details and I purchased the box On 24th August 2015 so their is probably nothing you can do for me.
  9. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    We could try a firmware flash on the device, with a full factory reset afterwards. If you'd like to try, drop us an email with the order information. Past a year (for new devices, refurbished models will have shorter warrnaties) hardware isn't replaced, but if we can get it working remotely, we try. If handy with a screwdriver, you could take a look at the circuit board and connection, check if anything looks like a heat gun could reflow dry joints with fresh solder etc.

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