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How To Factory Reset the DroiX X3

Discussion in 'DroiX X3 Android TV Box' started by Dave C, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Note: You will need a tooth pick, paperclip or similar item to press the reset switch.

    Please click on the images to show large versions.

    Disconnect the power supply from your DroiX X3. Using the tooth pick, locate the A/V port (as shown in the image below) on the DroiX X3 and gently insert the tooth pick. You will feel a button press, keep this button held down.

    While the button is remained held down, connect the power supply and the blue LED will light up.
    DroiX X3 AV port.jpg

    Keep the reset button held down until you see the Recovery Menu.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 1.png

    Using the remote control, press the Up/Down directional buttons on it to navigate the menu and highlight Wipe Data / Factory Reset, and press the OK button.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 2.png

    Press Down on the remote again and highlight Yes to confirm to wipe all user data. Press the OK button to proceed.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 3.png

    The reset process will now start. It may take up to a few minutes to complete. DO NOT switch off the device during this period.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 4.png

    Once the process has completed, you will be returned to the main Recovery Menu screen. Highlight Reboot System Now and press the OK button.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 1.png

    The device will now reboot.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 6.png

    During this first reboot, the process may take longer than usual to boot. This is perfectly normal as the device is installing the operating system.
    DroiX X3 - Recovery Menu 7.png

    Once the device is on the Welcome / Set up screen it is now ready to use.

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