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iMX6Q DroidBOX Firmware

Discussion in 'iMX6Q' started by ChrisM, Apr 27, 2017.

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  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Please note this file was designed for the original DroidBOX iMX6Q.

    It should definitely not be used on a DroidBOX device other than the iMX6Q. If your model name has iMX6 in it, but does not include the Q, you have a different device, this firmware is not for you.

    It may be compatible with devices from other manufacturers, but we can not take responsibility for any damage done. You are welcome to try, however if your box does not boot up, it will be your responsibility.

    Do not flash this file if you do not know which device you have.

    Download https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlRdlhGu3fjihnQ6cSAXx3PHKd7M. It will be one IMG file, that should not be clicked on, we'll use it later. If you see an error message on your PC about the image being corrupt, please close the program, the file is needed for use on the DroidBOX, rather than the PC.

    Next download https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlRdlhGu3fjihlzEyu3q1CpaXNUm and open it. You will be asked if you want to install Amlogic's USB Burning tool - you do.

    The first time you open it, click the second menu and select English.

    Now take a microUSB lead and connect it to your PC. Turn off your iMX6X, and find a cocktail stick/toothpick. Put this carefully into the A/V port on the back of your DroidBOX. You should be able to feel initial resistance, and then a button being depressed. Keep your stick/pick in place.

    Connect the microUSB cable to the microUSB socket (often marked with OTG) on your iMX6Q and power up your DroidBox device.

    Keep the recessed switch held down for a good 15/20 seconds, and let Windows automatically install the drivers it needs.

    Holding down the Restore switch on the side (behind the USB sockets), turn on your iMX6Q. DO NOT LET GO OF THE SWITCH ON THE SIDE YET.

    Back in the USB Burning Tool program, click on the "File" menu and click "Import image". Navigate to your Downloads folder and select the "MXQ_110k4_20150325.img" file that was downloaded from the first link.

    You'll need to wait a moment whilst it analyzes the file. You should find it automatically ticks the "Erase Flash" and "Erase Bootloader" boxes for you. If "Overwrite Key" is ticked, please remove the tick.

    Now click the "Start" button please.

    Once the process is complete and reported as successful, you can click the "Stop" button, and disconnect the USB cable. The first time you boot the iMX6Q up, it will take a little longer than usual, this is normal. Once you can see the launcher's homescreen, please leave the device alone for 10 minutes whilst it re-installs the applications.

    Applications continue to install in the background and if interrupted will not resume the next time you boot up.
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