One Netbook ONEXPLAYER 1S Gaming Handheld


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Oct 13, 2021
I bought the device from Droix a few weeks back. It is a good device but I have an ongoping issue with the controller. The controller intermitentlly disconnects and reconnects on the device and on occassion it will not recogniose the controller at all and only after several times booting up into Safe Mode is when finally the controller is again recognosed by the device. I suspect it is likely a driver issue for the controller and I found controller driver update on the 1netbook site but unfortunately when I unzip the file the device recognises the file as a virus threat.

I have tried re-installing the device back to factory settings several time through Safe Mode as per video posted by Droix on YouTube but no success. I have played around with the Power Settings and still the issue happens so am a bit lost what to do next to resolve the issue which is probably something straight forward.

Hopefully some can help and was wondering anyone has reported or having a similar problem? If so, is there a fix you have successfully found?
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