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Discussion in 'X96 Max' started by MadHatter, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. MadHatter

    MadHatter New Member

    Ok so just got a x96max and so far hating it lol tried to put nova launcher on it so it looks the same as my other box, but when I go to the apps page and hold the left click on my mouse I cant drag the apps from the page to my home screen.

    Even on the default launcher when I try to delete something I see the bin I click on icon but cant drag the icon to bin.

    I also got a g10 air mouse but that does the same also quick question is there a back button on the g10 cant seem to find one hope you can help.

    Well after a quick google it seems this problem is knowing would changing my firmware help because surly it should work fine with default launcher.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2019
  2. MadHatter

    MadHatter New Member

    Well another small update ditched nova Launcher and downloaded Adw launcher which works perfectly, It allows drag so I can customize my home screen just with the apps I use.
    So happy and the box is working great so anybody else who likes Nova but cant get it working right I would suggest Adw.
  3. MadHatter

    MadHatter New Member

    Feel like im talking to myself ok also found out that if you press the home button on the g10 mouse that's the back button you hold it to go home
  4. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    On the default menu, to move icons you highlight and select the icon and you then press the navigation buttons (Left, Right etc) to move the icon and then OK to deselect it.

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