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Jul 15, 2014
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Quite a wide-ranging genre, I appreciate...

AirDroid - You can manage your DroidBOX via WiFi/Ethernet, from your PC. Quite a lot to fiddle with in this app

FTPServer - You could argue this doesn't belong in the LAN/WLAN thread, as an FTP server is obviously accessible from outside your local network (if you've forwarded ports correctly on your modem/router. However, if you have problems accessing your DroidBOX's filesystem via the Samba app (see below) on your PC, then an FTP server is very useful.

Microsoft Remote Desktop - If your Windows PC is in another room, and you want to use it when you're sat with your DroidBOX, then spend a minute to check out Remote Desktop. Requires Pro/Server editions of Windows.

Network Info II - Although it has sections for Android devices with phone capabilities, the WiFi and Bluetooth info can be useful if you're troubleshooting, especially with the ability to export reports as text files.

Samba Filesharing for Android - I use this a lot. If I need to edit XML files for XBMC, or quickly backup configurations. If you have ever shared a folder over your home network then it shouldn't take you long to configure this. You do need to set it up and then enable it, but after that, your DroidBOX's file system will be available to any device on your network.

SambaDroid - Replacement for app as above, as previous one has been withdrawn.
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