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M8S (Akaso) having all kinds of issues with Wireless Keyboard

Discussion in 'EM8 - Earlier "M8" model with NO LED clock' started by BoogieNYC, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC New Member

    Recently got an Akaso M8S box and really pleased...also got a Rii i8+ (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WQG6A8C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) along with. Keyboard constantly in a state of flux, flashing orange more than connected to the device. Dongle from the back is hooked up firmly so that shouldn't be an issue, and I've already had an issue with the first keyboard I purchased and already in the the process of returning to Amazon. Replaced the first (potentially faulty) dongle. Sitting on the couch, maybe six-ten feet away from the box, straight unencumbered line of sight, and the keyboard is still blinking yellow/orange.

    Charged the keyboard fine, backlight is on. Can't figure out what I've done wrong. Tried doing FN/F1 and that didn't seem to solve anything.

    Any suggestions before I DOA this second model and find a different keyboard?


  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

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  3. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Could also try a short USB extension cable. Get it away from the USB sockets and any other devices, with as little as possible between it (other than air) and your normal sitting position.
    If you have something like that, you can charge and have your dongle away from other equipment and charge with a fair amount of choice in path for the lead.
  4. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC New Member

    First, thanks to you both for your responses.

    @Nigelar I tried that and it helped...not sure if it's a long-term solution but it definitely helped. The weird thing is the box is located inside a cabinet with slats so it does receive IR commands -- as does my cable box, which is also hidden away in there -- but this setup seems very fussy. Can't realistically believe I received two faulty remotes, however, so either it's a question of interference or a question of settings within the box itself.

    @ChrisM I don't have a cable that will do that but I think the next step is to park the box outside the cabinet and leave it in plain sight. If the problem recurs then it's got to be serious interference or settings. Either way the remote is relatively solid when it allows me to actually enter a command and when it's not flashing. If the problem is solved then I'll dig up that cable for a few dollars and see if it solves the problem with the doors to the cabinet closed. If the problem returns then I'm finding a new remote, and if that doesn't do the trick I'll roof-test the box ;-)

    Thanks to you both again...sorry for the delay in responding.
  5. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hello Boogie. The solution I proposed in the link is a permanent solution. So hopefully you won't need that new remote.
  6. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC New Member

    Hey Nigelar -- the problem is still an issue. It minimized the disconnect but the disconnect still occurs fairly regularly. Got to be interference or a problem in the settings :-/
  7. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC New Member

    Relocated the box from above a power conditioner to on top of the cabinet, shouldn't be a problem but the flashing still persists. I'm going to wipe the box and start from scratch and see if that solves anything. If not the remote goes back and I'll find another one.
  8. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Active Member

    I use the Rii i8+, and its best to have a direct line of sight unobstructed by cabinet doors etc.. and it works better fully charged or plugged in if it's low on power.

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  9. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC New Member

    Understood...its flashing almost full-time unless I'm literally standing right in front of the box. Something's definitely not right.​

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