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OpenELEC to LibreELEC Update BETA Test Bug Reports

Discussion in 'T8-S (SATA Connection & Dualboot Android/OpenELEC)' started by ChrisM, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Have a search through before posting, if a bug has been reported before, post will likely be cleaned away
  2. toonarmy9752

    toonarmy9752 Member

    Iv e noted that since the Librelec is now working on my box (still more testing to be done yet though) the android Play store just goes blank when clicked on
  3. dave123456789

    dave123456789 New Member

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    the update has gone seriously wrong for me, it shows libre elec boot screen with the following text in the top corner

    *** Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: Could not mount/dev/SYSTEM
    ### Starting debugging shell... type exit to quit ###
    sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

    also the reset will not work it says reset complete but boots libre wrong screen as above
  4. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

  5. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

  6. toonarmy9752

    toonarmy9752 Member

    Librelec for me is not brilliant i have to say but hey ho -

    Openelec is far superior IMO
  7. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    I felt the same a few months back but L E has come on a lot since the last update and am totally happy with it, just early teething problems got sorted.
  8. toonarmy9752

    toonarmy9752 Member

    i really do wish i could say the same - had it on two boxes the droid and the zotac = back on openelec now on zotac to do the comparison and IMO its miles better - maybe its the box firmware combo
  9. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Just checking if you have a T8 Mini @dave123456789 ? I've replied to your other message, but I think that was on a different model, this thread is for the old original T8-S (no Plus or Mini in the name).
  10. toonarmy9752

    toonarmy9752 Member

    Just as an extra to this thread ive just done the OTA to my T8S Plus and wenr from 1.06 to 1.07 initially then to 1.08 and it now loads librelec properly the way it should have done 4 months ago

    Hey hi so now its more real time testing of it

    Feeling a bit more optimistic this time
  11. Cloin

    Cloin New Member

    Had this running for about a week..working OK. Only trouble now is I can't boot into android. LibreElec just reboots in from recovery.. Tried wiping.. Etc

    Seems to be stuck in a loop.. Any ideas?
  12. toonarmy9752

    toonarmy9752 Member

    I also had this scenario - and the only way to get back was to do the toothpick method of reset and then select reboot to android from the available options -as i couldnt get to Librelec for 4 months as it just didnt work - however it does now

    This was an ongoing problem for about 4 months (from the date of purchase i couldnt get it to work) - however a recent update via OTA took me from v 1.06 to 1.07 to 1.08 and that seems to have done the trick it now boots and starts the way it should
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2017 at 7:20 AM
  13. Cloin

    Cloin New Member

    This is my problem, toothpick reset - Boot into Android.. LibreElec opens up again on boot.

    Anyone point me in the right direction for Firmware files to reflash stock. ?
  14. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hi cloin. If you want to reflash, contact Droidbox direct and mention you've been testing the t8s beta. They may have a better solution to the bug you've hit (I suspect other testers have found something as significant as that as well).

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