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Hash brown

New Member
Oct 11, 2014
My imx6 was working fine. Upgraded my internet connection to high speed fibre now it is frozen on droidbox xmx6 screen with white square in top left hand corner. Help please.


Staff member
Jul 15, 2014
Cardiff, UK
That's a new one, in terms of what occurred prior to the device stopping working properly!
It is a pretty minimal chance, but if your iMX6 is connected via a network cable (rather than WiFi), can you temporarily disconnect the cable from your iMX6, remove the iMX6's power lead, wait 5 minutes, then try to boot up again.

If that doesn't help, please see this blog post on how to bring up the recovery menu on your iMX6 - How To Access Your DroidBOX's Recovery Menu
Once it appears, select Wipe data/factory reset (using the Go Back key on your remote control), confirm you're certain, then allow the process to complete.

Reboot, if your iMX6 still doesn't boot up, please e-mail us with a link to this thread ( ), if you are a direct customer: The six digit order code and e-mail address you used with our site, should you have purchased via Amazon, then the order ID (17 digits long, for example 321-4567890-8765432) and your Amazon account-registered e-mail address, and finally, if you are an eBay customer: The transaction ID (25 digits long, for example 234567890123-8765432109876) and your eBay user ID, as well as your full name, and full address including postcode. We can either supply details of how to flash a firmware to the device (this may be enough to get it up and running), or we can arrange to repair/replace it, assuming it is less than 12 months old.

If your iMX6 DOES now boot up, go through any set up screens presented, select which launcher you want to use, then leave the device alone at the launcher's homescreen for twenty minutes. Don't click on anything, don't reboot, please. Now power down your iMX6, reattach the network cable, and boot up again. Assuming it still boots, follow the slightly different approach you now need for the DroidBOX Wizard in XBMC - see this blog post - DroidBOX Wizard Update - October 2014 . The short version is do NOT exit XBMC once the Wizard completes, wait a minute and simply remove the power cable (this one time only).
Android TV Boxes from DroiX