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RG350M - HowTo - EmulationStation as default launcher

Discussion in 'RG350 & RG350M Retro Games Handheld' started by MashTec, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. MashTec

    MashTec New Member

    Hello Guys, it's Mashtec here!

    Today i wanna show you how to set EmulationStation as your default launcher on the RG350M. I'll share the required script with you and guide you through the steps to apply it to your device. Enjoy! :)


    This guide assumes that EmulationStation is already installed to your device. If you don't have installed it yet, take a look at my video here, that shows you how to install it:

    I'm making this video because i received many many requests from you guys on my EmulationStation videos to find a way to make it work on the RG350M. Unfortunately, the script i made for the RG350 doesn't work propperly for the RG350M since both devices have a different screen resolution.
    So i wrote a new script that solves the resolution problem and makes the RG350M start properly into EmulationStation, right after it booted up.

    So if you own a RG350M and you like to use EmulationStation as your default frontend, you're at the right place here :)

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