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W 10 hopeless

Discussion in 'W10 (Dualboot Windows & Android)' started by awesome2000, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. awesome2000

    awesome2000 New Member

    My W10 is awful, there are audio issues, as above, it freezes at least once a day. Has to be rebooted two or three times a day.The windows side is ok, but the android partition is shockingly bad. i have gone back to my trusty T 8 which is excellent. I have reccomended Droidbox to many of my friends who have all bought boxes. But the W 10 is poor, is there likely to be a firmware update to fix all these issues ?
  2. shah nissar

    shah nissar Android Tv Expert

    Did you try updating the Android side services through google playstore. You need to sign in into playstore and give it a few hrs and let it auto update apps on android side and see how that works for you. This video tutorial will be helpful in showing how to sign in into playstore: ... If that does not resolve the issues you can try soft resetting the Android side by going in to Settings>Backup and Reset and then Factory reset the device.
  3. Jagrolet

    Jagrolet New Member

    Yeah, I have noticed the same kinds of stability issues on the Android side. I have avoided the Android side mainly due to losing audio when I plug in my external hard drive.
    There is something really strange going on with the USB and sound. There is a post I created regarding this issue.
    I was surprised to find that after using the Windows side of things, I'm actually liking it quite well.
    When on the same network as another Windows 10 computer the file and folder sharing is really nice and easy to use. I can get at all the files on the W10 very easily from my laptop.
    I have a T8-S and a T8 also in the house and they are rock solid on the Android side as you mentioned.
    Its a new box so I'm sure they are still working out some of the issues as we report them. Hopefully we will see an update to resolve some of these issues soon.
    Good luck.

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