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My GPD Win 2 review

Discussion in 'GPD Win 2 Handheld' started by RESROMS, Nov 6, 2019.


    RESROMS New Member

    Here is my review of the GPD Win 2 which I purchased at https://droix.net/collections/windows-gaming-handhelds/products/gpd-win-2

    The case of the mini-laptop is made of soft-touch matte plastic. It does not collect fingerprints, so you do not need to worry too much about it getting dirty or fingerprints everywhere. The weight of the console is 460g. It is quite weighty, but when worn in a bag or backpack, there will be no discomfort. As for the dimensions, the width is 162 mm, the length is 99 mm, and the height is only 25 mm.

    The screen of the GPD Win 2 is high-quality and has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. To protect the display, Gorilla Glass 4 glass is used to keep the display scratch and bang free.

    You can control the device using a full qwerty-keyboard. A good solution from the manufacturer was to make the screen touch, which greatly simplifies and increases the ease of use. Well, users of the console will appreciate the pair of joysticks and buttons located on the upper edge of the case.

    Unlike its counterparts, the GPD Win 2 specs boasts a high level of performance. To achieve the ability to run modern games and programs on ultra- settings it has a Intel m3-7Y30 processor. It is based on the Kaby Lake architecture, has 2 cores and is equipped with Hyper-Treading. The Win 2 boasts as many as 4 threads. The base processor frequency is 1GHz, and in Turbo Boost mode it cranks up to 2.6GHz.


    The video card of the mini-console is built into the processor. The graphics core is a Intel HD Graphics 615 model. It features a 6-inch display. The SSD is 256GB and, if desired, it can be replaced with a larger one. RAM is twice as much as its predecessor at 8 GB. This amount is enough to launch even the most demanding modern game.

    The miniature laptop presented above copes with these AAA GPD Win 2 games:

    • GTA 5;
    • Doom;
    • The Witcher;
    • Bayonetta;
    • Skyrim and their analogues.

    With these technical characteristics, all the games presented above are launched with a frame rate of 38 fps or higher. For example, the Windows 10 handheld does an excellent job with Overwatch. With low graphics settings, the game works with a frame rate of 50 to 70 frames per second.

    All games from consoles up to the PS2 generation should be playable making it the best retro game handheld. And if you wish, you can stream from the device by first connecting to the Internet using the Wi-Fi module.

    GPD Win 2 also performs the function of a Power Bank. With it, you can recharge your smartphone or a number of other mobile devices right on the road.

    A good set of ports is built into the device:

    • two USB0: one Type-A, and the other Type-C;
    • microSD card reader;
    • 3.5 mm audio jack;
    • micro HDMI output;
    • Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth modules.

    This set of connectors allows you to connect the Windows 10 portable to a projector or TV and use a wide variety of accessories. For example, a USB drive, a steering wheel, a keyboard, a mouse, and much more.

    The model has an acceptable sound quality. Stereo speakers are used as an audio system. But if you wish, you can connect a headset using a 3.5 mm jack or use the Bluetooth module.

    All the insides of the GPD Win 2 is cooled using a small centrifugal cooler. Its ability to accelerate to 10 thousand revolutions in one minute ensures that the device will not burn your hands, and the processor will increase frequencies when you start more demanding games and programs.

    The operating system uses Windows 10 Home 64 bit. All programs that can be run on a regular computer or laptop will also work on GPD Win 2.

    If we compare the cost and parameters of the GPD Win 2 gaming device, then the manufacturer managed to create a productive, but at the same time inexpensive device.Mobile gaming has reached a whole new level.
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