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new update 1.1.0 android 6.0.1

Discussion in 'T8 Mini' started by nikinecek777, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. nikinecek777

    nikinecek777 New Member

    i have a question.anybody tried?just need to be make sure all works before i do update.thanks

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  2. Robert74

    Robert74 New Member

    Everything working for me. Only things I noticed:

    *Main menu CPU, Memory usage meters on bottom right side are gone.
    *When I launched my kodi. My build skin changed to Confluence. Just had to change it back.
    *Also had to re-calibrate my kodi resolution.
    *On main boot up say"Unfortunately, Phone and Messaging storage has stopped"
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  3. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Yes I have done this as well.
    A bit of a surprise as I applied what I thought was the latest firmware (last of the 1.0.x series) last night.

    Regarding the memory meters @Robert74 , they went in a previous update which you may not have applied.

    I too, am seeing the "unfortunately, phone and messaging storage has stopped" message, so this is a bug. The message can be dismissed after acknowledging it 2-3 times.

    I see a New boot up logo, any mention of Droidbox gone. Boot up time slightly longer, around 40 seconds.

    Our friend, the spinning weather panel, seems as much of lottery as ever - sometimes location sticks, sometimes it does not recognise it at all, sometimes it loses it.

    I chose to not factory reset my settings and as far as I can see, everything is still in place (dbmc etc). Had to resize screen but to be expected.

    So far so good.
  4. Poison85

    Poison85 New Member

    I have done this as well and I choose factory reset.

    *LibreElec - No problems working on 4k2k 60Hz
    *No errors on main boot (android)
    *weather panel working
    *System and DMBC working on 4k2k 60Hz without any issue
    *no more volume issue (turn down it self)

    I have found 2 issue for now:

    *Main menu CPU, Memory usage meters on bottom right side are gone (same like Robert74)
    *OTA Updates - Error fetching update info: Invalid ROM ID (DroidBOX-T8-Mini-6.0)!
    *After boot up it's go to SD card connected screen
  5. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hi @Poison85

    As explained to robert the removal of the memory dials (which in my opinion added little value) was in a previous update not this one. Looks like you missed that and now caught up.

    The ota update message means your box is up to date. Possibly clearing cache and data in the ota app (in settings - apps) will remove it.
  6. Poison85

    Poison85 New Member

    Hi Nigelar,

    Yes, i missed last update cos there wasnt any on my box for some reason.
    I clear cache and data but same message about Invalid ROM ID - i will wait till next update. Thanks.
  7. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Hi all.

    Here is a possible fix for the "unfortunately, phone and messaging storage has stopped" error.

    Go into settings - apps - running apps.
    Find the "phone and messaging" app and click on it.
    Clear cache and data.
    For good measure i also switched notifications off (i think this is the important bit)

    After 2 reboots i am not seeing the message. I suspect switching notifications "off" has fixed that as data and cache get loaded with a small amount of data on each reboot anyway.
    Doesn't seem to be a way to disable the app - probably part of core android os.
  8. Robert74

    Robert74 New Member

    I did go into settings and cleared cache and data and have had no more issues. I will also switch notifications off like you said for extra measure.
    As far as not needing the CPU dials. They would help me determine when to launch kodi. It would take a minute or so upon initial boot up for CPU usage to drop below 50%. If I try to launch kodi before , my droidbox will reboot. I have had 3 reboots since the update. Do not want to loose any of my settings by doing a factory reset which I had to do before the update.
  9. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

    I have a t8mini mini and after reading about these problems I'm glad I haven't installed new firmware.. It's very sad that development team didn't think things through in testing it thoroughly before pushing updates to customers..

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  10. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Just updated this f/w and all looking good, wouldn't mind a larger pointer on the android menu its like a gnat on steroids when the pointer speed is turned up (eyes aint as good as they used to be and hard to track) anyone come across a setting to change this? Have been all over google to no avail. Other than that well done DB could be replacing my T8-s Plus (main device) with this as all good here and LibreElec is growing on me now its settled down. Thanks Sean....
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  11. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

    @sean99 what version firmware did it update to? I was talking to Husham a while ago and he said they were coming out with a driodbox firmware replacement

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  12. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Build p200_2G-userdebug 6.0.1 MHC19J 20170106 test-keys. Version 6.0.1 is very quick:)
  13. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

  14. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Turned the notification off and cleared data in the app before the install, is always best to let others test out first and heed their feedback:)
  15. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Also I kept my config and didnt restore from factory settings.
  16. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Locating by network still a bit hit n miss tho, but a couple of reboots fettles it.
  17. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

  18. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    The weather on homescreen
  19. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member

    I cleared cache and data and turned off notification for phone and messaging its crawling on downloading firmware I'm at 66%

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  20. fiveznuff

    fiveznuff Member


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